The St Thomas Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church was founded in 1921 by Rev Silas Thomas Florence and 12 charter members. After having service from house to house and in the Fair Grove School, they bought one half acre of land off highway 150. Though they purchased the land, they did not build immediately, because there was no money left; instead the group had moved to the next church, which was a bush arbor, but Rev. Florence and the group wanted some type of building to shield them from the autumn rains. With no money and no way of getting any, they decided to ask God for a building in which to have revival. Deacon Fallie Smith and Rev. S.T. Florence knelt in the dirt road off highway 150 and prayed and when Rev. Florence and Deacon Smith arose from their knees, Ref. Florence said, "I believe we have a church." Everywhere they went, they were "blessed" with materials and supplies to build; in three weeks time, a building was constructed. The building was incomplete but revival was held on the third Sunday in September, in 1925 and Rev. S.T. Florence preached the morning service.

As time passed, the church was enlarged; the membership had now increased to about forty members; because parking was a problem, they decided to buy elsewhere. Trustee Premier Carter heard about some land being sold on highway 150. The land was purchased and a wooden frame building was later erected. Another brick edifice was later built which today serves as The Living Epistle Bible College. Under the leadership of Bishop Tyrone D. Hunter, we broke ground on the current edifice on November 26, 1995 and the membership has grown to more than 250 members. 
We honor our God for his blessing upon this ministry and for our Shepherds,

Bishop Tyrone and Dr. Juanita Hunter.

St. Thomas Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church

633 NC HWY 150 West

Greensboro, NC


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